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Taming io. is an online multiplayer game where you can learn and tame wild animals. The goal of the game is to collect food, build a base, and tame animals to create a powerful squad.

- Construction: Use construction tools like saws, hammers, and bricks to build your base and defend yourself from enemies.
- Upgrade: Use skill points to upgrade your character and enhance combat ability, stamina, and energy.

Join the game to become an adventurer and tame wild animals!

Game controls:

- Move: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character in the game world.
- Attack: Use the left mouse to attack the opponent or hit the tree to collect food.
- Run: Press and hold the Shift key to increase the character's movement speed.
- Taming: Get close to the wild animal and press the E key to start the taming process. You will need to collect enough food to successfully tame.

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