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Pizza Tower.

"Pizza Tower" is a 2D platform adventure game made by producer "PizzaTowerGuy". The theme of the game is based on Italian flavor.

Play as a pizza chef who has to cook delicious pizzas and deliver them to customers as quickly as possible! There are different levels waiting for you, at each of which you need to cook different types of pizza and satisfy customer requests.

You also have to manage your time and resources to get the pizza delivered on time and not disappoint anyone. The more levels you complete, the more different ingredients and pizza recipes become available to you.

Players need to explore a building composed of multiple floors in the game, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and finally reach the top of the tower to rescue the kidnapped girlfriend.

Players take on the role of Peppe, a pizza chef who has been kidnapped by bad guys and trapped in a huge building. Peppe has the skills of running, jumping, attacking and using various props, players need to use these skills skillfully to win in the game.

"Pizza Tower" is a fun game that combines elements of platforming, adventure, and puzzle solving with elements of Italian culture. Players can explore multiple floors, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and have fun while playing. Player needs to fight some enemies and jump over some dangerous traps. As the player continues to enter higher floors, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase.

Game controls:

- Press Z to Select and Start the game.

- Arrow keys – Move/Ladder.
- X- Charge.
- Z - Jump.
- Up + Z – Highjump.
- Down while falling – Freefall.

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