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Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels was created by indie game developer Jim Bonnaci in 2006, serving as a game programmer and artist. His inspiration comes from other browser games based on ragdoll physics. In his words, the biggest difficulty he faced in developing the game was making a game where players die so many times and in such bloody ways, an enjoyable experience.

Happy Wheels is a physics-based, side-scrolling obstacle course game developed by Jim Bonacci. In this game, players control a character riding a vehicle, such as a bike or a wheelchair, and must navigate through a series of levels filled with obstacles and hazards.

Happy Wheels also features a variety of unlockable characters, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. Players can choose from a range of vehicles, including bikes, Segways, and even a lawn mower, to navigate through the levels.

Some features:

More than 60 unique and challenging levels
Deadly obstacles: picks, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons and more
Smooth and realistic physics.


Want to improve your game in Happy Wheels?

Go slow when you start levels or if this is your first time trying to pass a level. There are many hidden traps and the best way to avoid them is to stay calm until you know where and how they all work. Also, make good use of the roll controls, they can help you when you lose control and you'll land smoothly and safely. Pay attention to your head, it's the most important part of your body and most likely to get hit in Happy Wheels. Repeat the levels to find the best path and find all the traps. Only through practice can you become the best at Happy Wheels.


Don't know how to continue in Happy Wheels? 

Don't worry, in Happy Wheels you don't have to follow commands or unlock levels to play them. You'll have all the levels at your disposal from the start, although if you're a beginner it's best to start with the simplest levels to get used to the game and controls.

Game controls:

Playing Happy Wheels is easy; just choose your character and vehicle, then navigate the way with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Be sure to avoid any hazards or obstacles in your way, or you could lose a limb (or worse)!

Up arrow key: Accelerate or go forward.
Down arrow key: Reverse or go backward.
Left arrow key: Lean backward or turn left.
Right arrow key: Lean forward or turn right.
Space bar: Primary action (e.g. eject from vehicle, jump).
Shift key: Secondary action (e.g. grab, shove).
Ctrl key: Zoom in (desktop version only).

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