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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

This vibrant 3D arcade-style adventure offers plenty of thrilling moments for all ages as users navigate their way through bustling city streets, secret hideouts and mysterious tunnels. With an intuitive user-interface and simple controls, Subway Surfers allows gamers of all levels to compete with one another while avoiding obstacles such as oncoming trains, trucks and other dangerous objects.

With your keys you can customize the characters and upgrade your hoverboards with special powers. Don't forget to complete the awards, since they give you keys. In 'MyTour' you can collect rewards from completing daily Word Hunts. You can also find missions there. Subway Surfers was created by Sybo in 2012. And till this day it is one of the most popular games online!

The Subway Surfers World Tour celebrates Pride in New York!
Run the Season Hunt to unlock the new character Rain and their Pride flag Board Color Shift. Snatch Moira in her new Outfit made specially for visiting New York.

Collect daily rewards in the New York Pride Calendar, with Pride Bot as the final prize!

Travel to Venice Beach, Barcelona, San Francisco and Monaco for special events.

How To Play?

Left/right arrow - Move left/right.
Up arrow - Jump.
Down arrow - Roll.
Space - Activate hoverboard.

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