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Stabfish io. is an online multiplayer game in which you will play as a small fish and try to be the biggest fish in the ocean. Here is some information about the game

1. Gameplay:
- The main objective of the game is to progress and get bigger by eating smaller fish and collecting food particles on the map.
- If you hit the bigger fish, you will die and have to start over from the small fish.
- Avoid the bigger fish and try to kill them to increase the score and become the biggest fish.

2. Level and skill:
- When you eat enough food, you will level up and become bigger. Each level will unlock special skills for your fish.
- Use skills to strengthen and attack bigger fish.
- Use your skills wisely and fight tactically to dominate the ocean.

Join and become the biggest fish in the ocean by eating food and killing opponents along the way!

3. How to win:
- Destroy opponents: Use your golden faucet to stab other fish and destroy them. Every time you kill a fish, you will get points and become bigger.
- Collect food: Eat small particles on the map to increase your size and strength. The bigger you are, the more you will have the opportunity to confront other fish.

Game controls:

- Move: Use mouse to move your fish. Move the mouse in the direction you want to go and the fish will move in that direction.
- Stab: Use left mouse button or Space key to stab other fish. Crashing other fish will kill them and increase your score.
- Use skills: As you progress and become bigger, you will unlock special skills. Use right mouse or number keys to use skills and increase your power.

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