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Lurkers io

Lurkers io is a multiplayer online game where you play as a dark monster and try to hunt and survive in a dangerous environment. The goal of the game is to destroy other players and become the strongest monster.

- Avoid danger: Avoid colliding with other monsters and avoid dangerous areas such as fire, obstacles, or moving targets. If you are attacked or touched in danger, will lose your life and start over.

- Evolution: When you kill a sufficient number of prey, you can evolve and become a stronger monster. Each level of evolution will bring new powers and special abilities.

- Play with other players: game allows you to play with other players around the world. You can create your own playroom or join the available playrooms to interact and compete with each other.

Join the game and become a notorious dark monster, hunt and survive in a dangerous world!

How To Play?

- Move: Use mouse to move your monster. Hover your mouse in the direction you want to go and the monster will follow.

- Hunting: Use the left mouse to attack and destroy the prey. When you kill a prey, you get a score and can evolve into a stronger monster.

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