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advertisement is an engaging online shooting game. Here is some information about the story, how to beat opponents and how to control in the game is set in a distant future, when humans have discovered and colonized other planets in the universe. You will play as an astronaut character and participate in thrilling shooting battles on different planets.

Ways to beat other opponents:

- Practice and upgrade: Practice to improve your skills
shooting ability and quick reaction. Upgrade weapons and equipment to increase your character's strength and protection.
- Tactics: Use smart tactics like hiding, surprise attacks or create mass attacks to get points and defeat your opponents.
- Collect items: Search and collect useful items on the map such as health, ammo, armor and upgrades to increase survivability and combat.

How To Play?

- Use mouse to aim and shoot.
- Use WASD keys or arrow keys
name on the keyboard to move the character.
- Use Shift key to run fast.
- Use the R key to reload the weapon.

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