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G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3

The new long-awaited G-Switch sequel is finally here!

Gravity running takes to the next level. Up to 4 players on one device!

The long-awaited new G-Switch sequel is finally here!

Run and flip gravity at lightning speed through twisted levels that will challenge your timing and reflexes.


- Challenging single player mode with 30 checkpoints across 3 different worlds.

- Simple one touch controls.

- Local multiplayer tournaments for up to 4 players on one device.

- Play tournaments against computer opponents, up to 6 total.

- Try to beat your highest score in Endless mode.

- Collect 12 secret orbs to unlock new characters.

How To Play?

You can play multiplayer with real people or AIs.
Try to switch just before an obstacle rather than when you hit it.

You can use the mouse or keyboard to play.

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