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Friday Night Funkin' HD

Friday Night Funkin' HD

Friday Night Funkin' HD is a graphics upgrade mod for the popular music game FNF, taking all the characters and backgrounds to the next level with an Ultra HD look and feel.

The FNF HD mod does not tell the official story of the base game but incorporates the lore of some of the major milestones in Friday Night Funkin' universe. Explore a variety of rhythm ideas with the full 5 weeks and remake of The Date Week about BoyFriend and GirlFriend meeting in one song. The latest update also adds a Vs. Sonic Mod in which BoyFriend will have to confront the famous green hedgehog through three new songs.

You'd better tap on the Funkin arrows and make them match exactly as perfectly as possible to get the highest score and climb to the top.

How To Play?

The gameplay and plot of Friday Night Funkin' remains mostly the same in FNF HD: help Boyfriend (Girlfriend) date Girlfriend (Girlfriend) by defeating villains like Daddy Dearest, Pico, Senpai, Mummy Mearest… in music or rap battles using the arrows on the keyboard.

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