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FNF Wednesday's Infidelity.

Life is hard for frustrated suicide mouse exe avi fnf wednesday's infidelity.

He has a good life, happy and grateful one. But something change when the girl he like move on from him. He become shocked and suicide mouse exe avi fnf wednesdays infidelity going into deep misery depression and craziness. Unknown suffering is what sad mouse avi get because of wistfulness and dejection.

In FNF Wednesday's Infidelity Boyfriend will face many torments from Mickey Mouse. Accompany him in music during three intense and sometimes terrifying weeks! In the first week, Save The Depressed Mouse, Mickey realizes that he has lived a lie his whole life and something is wrong. Help him to find a new meaning in his life.

The second week, Brick Of Friendship, takes place in the fictional world of Toyland, the spring is magnificent, the flowers bloom and the butterflies flutter with gusto. Join the party and participate in rap battles that may be the basis of a new friendship with Mickey? In the last week, Father I Crave Cheddar, you will visit an abandoned school that seems haunted. Moans of pain echo through the walls and the light fails to illuminate your path enough. Something is hiding here and you will have to face it in music.
To extend the adventure, the freeplay mod will give you access to 9 bonus songs and 3 special songs!

Songs list:
Wistfulness - Dejection - Unknown Suffering - Sunsets - Hellhole - Versiculus Iratus - Carnival In Toyland - Spring March - Cravings - Hunger Pangs.
Bonus songs: Needle Mouse - Unknown Defeat - Too Slow - Battered - Accelerant - Vesania - Krimant - Untold Loneliness - Leak Ma B.
Speciale songs: Last Day - Sunsets - Hellhole.

Game controls:

Use arrow keys to play game.

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