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FNF Vs. Whitty.

This is an amazing mod for friday night funkin Whitty music game!

FNF: VS Whitty is a mod for the popular music game Friday Night Funkin. The mod adds another week to the game with a new character and your opponent respectively.

You might have already guessed, that your opponent in this mod is named Whitty. It’s an extraordinary character with a normal guy’s body and a bomb-shaped head. Whitty is a former rock star and has an unresolved score with Girlfriend's parents. He wants to teach you and your new family a lesson. In this battle you have to show incredible speed, to defeat your opponent, because it's one of the strongest contenders in Friday Night Funkin.


Will you be able to win the battle by missing as few notes as possible? Watch out for Whitty who will be dreadful when he transforms into a ballistic mod during the last song!



Ballistic (new).
Ballistic (old) (Freemode).
Remorse – Featuring UpDike.


Enjoy playig FNF vs Hex mod NOW!

Game controls:

Use arrow keys to play game.


Tap the arrows when they match perfectly to score the highest score.

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