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FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury.

FNF Mod Come, and join a Funkin music battle with Tord Red Fury.

You feel really bored on Friday night. Welcome to Eddsworld! There are some new funkin friends like Red Fury, Tom, Tord, Edd and Matt here to rap battle together.

Come and join the funkin musical battle with Tord and his new friends. Play with this Funkin band and you will never be disappointed.

The Red Fury update is still in beta but already offers colossal new content with 5 full weeks and 30 new songs in which Boyfriend will have to face the fury of Tord and his giant robot! But that's not all, during the story you will also have the opportunity to accompany Tord during epic musical battles.

Tord is a formidable singer and your duels will require flawless concentration and skill, especially when your opponent takes possession of a giant robot chaining digital musical notes at full speed! Is a normal human capable of meeting the challenges proposed by Tord? It's up to you to play, trying to miss as few notes as possible!

Have fun!

Game controls:

All you got to do is tap the arrows perfectly when they match with the fnf.

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