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FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend.

Tabi Ex Boyfriend mod cho Friday night funkin

Welcome to Tabi Ex Boyfriend mod for friday night funkin. In this mod Boyfriend is trying to hook up with Tabi Ex Boyfriend.

Tabi is a character created by Homskiy. He is the ex of Girlfriend.


In this mod for Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) you will have to challenge Tabi, your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, in a luxurious but strangely empty palace! Invited for some reason by her ex's father, Girlfriend asked you to come with her to feel more secure, and she wasn't wrong.

There is actually Tabi waiting for her, who has had a huge resentment since her separation from Girlfriend (and her transformation into a skeleton with an invisible body). Jealous, angry and not supporting your romantic relationship his desire for revenge is uncontrollable and he will challenge you in a ruthless rap battle.

Face Tabi for your survival and prove your singing talent on three new songs, My Battle, Last Chance and Genocide.

If you are a fan of this fun music game,you will surely like this free.

This is an unofficial offline music player of the popular music game.

My Battle.
Last Chance.

Game controls:

As well as the other FNF gameplay, they need to make the arrow key perfectly match to get the highest score point.

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