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FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse.

Welcome to the Sunday Suicide Night Mod, Now you can play with Suicide Mouse!

One Sunday evening in a very strange atmosphere, BoyFriend will have an exceptional opportunity to sing against Mickey on two unreleased songs in FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse. This mod for Friday Night Funkin' is inspired by the famous Mickey Mouse creepy pasta entitled Suicide Mouse - Unseen Freaky Footage published by the youtubeur Nec1.

After wandering melancholy for a long time, Mickey meets BoyFriend who will offer him a rap battle to clear his mind. During the first song Unhappy our depression mouse will show all its dismay in music in front of a Boyfriend as usual imperturbable.


This Game is A Full Port of FNF Suicide Mouse with Added button, to make it easier to play. It has Complete Full weeks with over Lots of Popular Game mods like Mickey, Whitty, Agoti, Tabi, miku, hex, sky, sarvente, tricky, Neo.

If you manage to keep the pace you will be able to sing on Happy, not the title of Pharrell Williams, but a second song more joyful and very rhythmic on which Mickey will show all his talents as a singer.
With. Suicide Mouse V2 update adds a new song in story mode, Really Happy, as well as the song Smile available in freeplay mode.

You Can Chill Out with your girlfriend on Sunday night but Mom and Dad Might now Gonna Allow it. To Pass it through, you need to win their heart, and Play fnf music game along with other mods like Senpai, Mickey, Garcello, Tankman, Mid-Fight Masses and Happy.

Mickey Fnf Mod Features:

- Complete 6 Full weeks including Sunday Night Suicide Mod

- Unlock Weeks without Finishing Previous Week

- Most Anticipated Mickey Mod Unlocked!

- Support Buttons

- Story mode

- free play mode

- Full Music & Animation

Enjoy Playing fnf mickey mods, where the suicide mouse is your opponent in this music battle game!

Game controls:

Use Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to follow the rhythm and defeat your enemies!

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