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FNF Vs. Rainbow Friends.

Enjoy a full week of Rainbow Friends mod making your own music with FNF Mods.

Print FNF Vs. Rainbow Friends mod the famous Roblox characters join the Friday Night Funkin' universe and you play as all characters of Rainbow Friends FNF Mod and Banban from Garten banban reincarnated 4 FNF Vs Attack of the Killer Beast FNF fnf ex of Girlfirend. This is a Friday night funkin mod that revolves around banban funkin garden characters like banban and Road Trip of Banban FNF garten banban FNF Mod.

Today we rap battle with Garten of Rainbow Friends characters based on a car scene Road Trip of Banban FNF Test Mod Battle dance music mod. We have to rap fight with all Rainbow Friends to escape from the amusement park called weird world. mod Can Boyfriend and Girlfriend become a better beatboxer than Rainbow Friend or Will Rainbow Friend beat BF & GF?

Game controls:

This game works perfectly You can play it with four buttons to create your own unique hit to the music of Rainbow Friends FNF Mod Character.

Use Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to follow the rhythm and defeat your enemies!


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