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FNF Vs. Mommy Long Legs.

FNF Vs. Mommy Long Legs is also one of the famous FNF Mods for Friday Night Funkin' music game. This is a mod inspired by the character "Mommy Long Legs" in the second part of the much-loved horror game - Playtime Poppy: Chapter 2. This mod will put you against a completely new opponent, who is Mommy Long Legs Spider.

FNF VS Mommy Long Legs is set in Playtime Poppy, in which Boyfriend finds himself in an abandoned toy factory, when he is about to go looking for Girlfriend when he finds Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs. Then Boyfriend will have to challenge these two monsters in a rhythm battle for survival! Do you think you can beat everyone who stands in your way and find Girlfriend? Download Mod VS Mommy Long Legs now and start a whole new musical war in the Friday Night Funkin' universe!

New songs in FNF vs Mommy Long Legs:
Hug Me.
Special Guest.
Mommy Time.

Game controls:

Use arrow let play game.

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