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FNF Vs. Garcello.

FNF VS Garcello — Friday Night Funkin' Mod, which diversifies your gameplay. With this mod, you can play a full-week FNF, get a new strong and slightly mysterious opponent, and also enjoy new songs.


FNF Vs. Garcello (Smoke 'Em Out Struggle) is an original mod for Friday Night Funkin' featuring a full week with four unreleased songs. As Boyfriend and Girlfriend strolled quietly around town they noticed a strange glow emanating from the corner of an alleyway.


It was actually smoke from Garcello, a mysterious man and compulsive smoker, who will challenge you in a rhythmic but melancholy battle. Discover Garcello's story through "Headache", "Nerves", "Release" and "Fading" the four songs that you will have to sing in duel with the mysterious character.


The new Skin of VS Garcello will feature different states throughout the songs, which have been taken care of in detail. In addition, the MOD features new dialogues and a new background that sets the mood for the new week very well.

Try to finish each song and learn more about what prompts the strange man to sing.

Game controls:

Use arrow keys to play game.

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