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FNF The Tricky Mod.

FNF Tricky Dance Music battle.

Inspired by Shannon Sunday's videos, presenting FNF Tricky Character Test.

FNF Tricky Mod is a modified version of the fascinating music game FNF, which fans of this genre are well aware of. In this modification, the participants will face the creepy clown Tricky. Battles last 7 weeks and include 6 different mods.

He will have to go through a series of competitions. To win, you need to click on the corresponding arrows after the enemy. When a player hits the right notes, points are awarded to him. There is a scale at the top of the display. It is important to monitor the results so as not to be overplayed by your opponents. If the hero successfully completes all the mods, the monsters will retreat, and he and the girl will safely return home.

The mod offers new game mechanics that will increase the difficulty. During Hellclown several black and red flaming notes appear, hitting them takes away approximately 20% of the player's health. In Expurgation the flaming notes get a black halo, touching them will instantly knock the player out.


Features of the game FNF Tricky Mod:
7 weeks of exciting battles, including 6 different mods.
Challenges with creepy monsters and the evil Tricky clown.
Possibility to choose the appropriate level of difficulty.
Dynamic and addicting gameplay.
Lots of music tracks.

I hope you enjoy.


Game controls:

Use arrow let play game.

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