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FNF: Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses.

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses is a MOD of Friday Night Funkin that adds a new week 7, with two new opponents: Sarvente, in the first two stages, and Ruv in the final stage. In addition, we will be able to access 5 new songs, all of them included in the last week of the game and customized with background and details specific to the mood of the song of each one.

Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses is a popular FNF mod. With it you can play a full-week Friday Night Funkin with powerful new rivals. Adds a lot of new content, which will make your game even more intense.

These mods are very hard, try going to free play and selecting easy mode.

Meet Sarvente:

She’s a really kind, outgoing and friendly nun who wants nothing more but to make you feel at home, loved and treat you like a guest – so as long as you are willing to take part in the Midnight Mass.

You might be in it for the bathroom breaks, but this nun is going to try her best to make you join her church! And it’s not that easy to let her off!

Sarvente Mid Fight Masses FNF MODF Battle is a fantastic funkin music game with well-designed FNF characters Mod. It can always drive you insane with an amazing game experience!

Have fun!

Game controls:

Use arrow keys to play game.


Tap the arrows when they match perfectly to score the highest score.

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