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FNF Hazy River Vs. Garcello & Annie.

Enjoy last funkin music battle with a smoker Garcello & Annie in HAZY RIVER mod!

Friday night, BF goes out with his sexy girlfriend. They have a romantic and fun night together while walking on FNF park avenue. Then they run into Garcello – a smoker & Annie. Join BF in the funkin music war to hear Garcello's sad story.

They have a romantic and funkin night together while walking around on FNF park avenue. Then, they meet Garcello – a smoker & Annie by chance. Join with BF in a Funkin music battle to listen to Garcello’s sad story.

Beat the Garcello & Annie HAZY RIVER mod! Fight with some updated characters like Starecrown, Kapi, Whitty, Tabi, Sky and Hex.

Game controls:

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard.



Just tap the arrows when they match perfectly to get the highest score.

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