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Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends

Game Basketball Legends 2020 also known as Basketball Legends 2020 is a very good sports game. This is the next version of the very famous and loved Basketball Legend game.

In this 2020 version, updated a lot of basketball superstars like James Harden, Luka Doncic and LeBron James. This tournament promises to be very dramatic and exciting. Let's play Basketball Legends 2020 and show off your skills!


Feel free to block and slap your opponent to knock him down and get the ball, and pay attention to the super hit bar at the top of the screen, once it's fully charged you can use the hot special ball from anywhere, it never fails. The best player on the field.

Choose your favorite team and start the competition in intense, fast and fun matches!

How To Play?

Control button for 1 player:

AD keys or left and right arrow keys to move
X/L keys for throwing/robbing
S key to fake throw/block
A+A or D+D keys or double press left/right arrow key to jump
K/Z keys to throw an epic shot.

Control buttons for 2 players:

To move, player 1 uses the AD keys and player 2 uses the left and right arrow keys
To throw/robber, player 1 uses the B key and player 2 uses the LOOK key
To fake a throw, player 1 uses the S key and player 2 uses the down arrow key
To leap, player 1 uses the A/D keys twice and player 2 uses the left/right arrows twice
Key K to throw an epic shot

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